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Nat (summerwrapbit) shared to me this in FB. It is from Toybox Projects Facebook page [x]

Oh God.. honestly; I have mixed feelings the moment I saw this. I still have no company to come with me to KL from Sabah too. Hurm.. I just gotta stay positive! 

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    must be so good to be part of the media or a sponsor.. TAT yosh..ive decided to become a reporter and follow one ok rock...
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    Yay. Salamat… Naexcite na tuloy lalo ako… 100000000000000x
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    LMAO pa english english pa tayo!!! hi! :D oo siguro pag medyo malapit na saka mag uusap usap kung pano magkikita :D...
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    LOL I hope we can get the same section! >.< Then me and Ash can help each other to bring Taka home LMAO
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    Its only 250!!! Omg
  10. summerwrapbit said: Hopefully you can go to the concert, Dianah :-) So don’t worry ^^
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  14. shinumade said: I hope you’ll find someone who can go with you!! good luck!
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