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Okay guys. So thanks to Trish who has given me this great idea, I’ll be ‘hosting’ an OOR project for the upcoming (hopeful) Meet & Greet I’ll (hopefully) be having on 16 Dec 2014 in London. (I say hopeful because I have exams that week and I am trying my best to shift it earlier so I don’t…

YES such a cool idea!

also btw ill be there on torus bday so if anyone wants me to give him smth just tell me ´7´)/ 



Protesters canvass the neighborhood of County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch.

Saturday, August 30th.


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  • Most Anime: Senpai notice me
  • Ouran HS Host Club: Senpai go away
  • Ouran: Senpai I'm not your little girl
  • Ouran: OMG Senpai stop
  • Ouran: Senpai get out of my house
  • Ouran: Senpai stop following me
  • Ouran: Senpai get out of my face
  • Senpai: Why won't you notice Senpai!?!



and I’m like  in the lab right now. XD

Are you Ryuuji Kawara sorry! I just realised your comment! Gomenasai!! 😨
Btw..haha, I wish I could be Kawara Ryuuji with all the research thingy. I have not been a proper researcher yet 😳


based on Dianah's idea:

"I had an image of Toruka fanart where Taka & Toru are hugging each other but then stopped as group of their waifus run towards them while shouting “Don’t neglect us!!” LMAO"

I’m sorry all waifus for drawing us like that (^^;)

Toru wearing a hat that looks like Taka’s hat while playing UNO..and then by destiny, this post show up via my Tumblr mobile app. Is this how we, the fangirls are screaming internally now? Lol

Benedict Cumberbatch photographed by Tertius Bune in 2012 (x)

Benedict Cumberbatch photographed by Tertius Bune in 2012 (x)



Tumblr friends (Part 2) 

Just had the random idea in scribbling and doodling the names.

My goodness, I forgot the s in insane-spacecowboys too! >.<

I’ll be doing more whenever I’m free (or tense with

i don’t remember if i ever saw it but asdfghjkl thank you so much it, makes me really happy! ;v; 

Tania dearrrrr.. I’m sorry, I just saw your comment >.< Just managed to log in and check my tumblr. anyways.. *jumps and hugs* Thanks for being my friend .(^_^)/


Guys, please take care of yourselves. Eat if you haven’t eaten. Sleep if you need to. Take a mental health day. Do what you need to do. But put yourself first when necessary.

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  • tumblr staff: hey guys we've just added this new feature to the site, isn't it great?
  • xkit guy: here's the extension to get rid of this one

I sorta believe my dash is telling me something XD





and then romeo-kun and juliet-chan inevitably committed the seppuku

sugoi. what light through the window comes, desu?
it is the east, and my waifu is the sun. 

did my kokoro doki till now? forswear it, sight!
for i ne’er saw true kawaii till this night.

o romeo-kun, romeo-kun, doushite art thou, romeo-kun?
deny thy otou-san and refuse thy namae,
or, if thou ja nai, but be sworn my daisuki,
and i’ll no longer be a capulet-sama.

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