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  • Strawberry - I’m in love with you.
  • Cherry - I love you.
  • Watermelon - I think you’re cute.
  • Blueberry - You’re amazing.
  • Kiwi - You’re pretty
  • Rasberry - You’re hot.
  • Plum - I would fuck you.
  • Paopu Fruit - I would date you.
  • Grapes - I could stay on your blog for hours.
  • Lemon - You are my tumblr crush.
  • Orange - I want to get to know you.
  • Tangerine - We have a lot in common.
  • Lemon - I wish you would notice me.
  • Lime - I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.

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My super late birthday gift for Taka. Hahaha I actually started 2days before his birthday and went through a lot of trouble in picking the best photo for my base. /Imagine yourself guys I even stalked some OOR biased tumblogs just to find (high def photo) that I could use./ And there’s like 3 pictures I wanted but ended up using this picture instead lolol. 

Well anyway, Taka, You’re not even my bias that I even went through all of trouble just to make this hahahaha, I love you and I’m willing to do all of the troublesome edits for you and for everyone. ^o^ Happy Birthday baby. :3

<I would like to thank elsiechapman for her scan. lol and also taskete>

I’m not really good at it, messed up with his hair tbh I still need practice. My 3rd time to make vector art. :3 

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Girl clothes are weird

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So I just recently hit 10,000 followers! Absolutely mental! I’m really appreciative in all you guys have done for me. You all are so kind and you help me when I need it and I really do love you all. So in order to show my appreciation, I decided to do a bit of a giveaway! c:

First thing, rules:

  • Must be following me (I will check!)
  • You can Like/Reblog as often as you like, just keep your followers in mind!
  • Remember that you’re going to be sharing your name and address with me, so make sure you’re comfortable.
  • Please, no giveaway blogs! I will check, because I am the captain, and I have control!
  • Make sure your askbox is open~
  • A winner will be chosen randomly by a number generator~
  • Deadline is 31st of May!

Gifts and Goodies:

  • Set of 2 “Obsessive Cumberbatch Disorder” and “Sherlock Holmes” Stickers
  • 3 Benedict Cumberbatch Japanese Magazine Clippings
  • A Print of Reapersun's Art
  • 4 Prints of Benedict Cumberbatch (As seen on my Cumber-closet door!)
  • A Large Print of my Sherlock Casket drawing
  • A Star Trek: Into Darkness Promo Poster
  • A Frozen Elsa and Anna poster (Because everyone loves Frozen and I don’t have any room on my walls for this.)

Good luck!

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After almost 6 hours of operation, finally mama is out from the Operation Theater. It was found she had appendix. The surgeons had to remove her ovaries as well because there’s something in her ovaries too.

She can’t eat and hasn’t eat since the day before her operation.

Be strong, Mama. My prayers always with you.


¡¡¡Feliz cumpleaños voz de ángel!!! (Happy birthday angel voice!!)

Okay, I know this looks like a lazy edit, but I swear it has like 20 layers… Plus, I ran out of pop art ideas… I’ll make a better one tomorrow, with gifs an everything. God knows he deserves to have more than one edit…


Happy Birthday Taka! I consider Taka as the best vocalist ever, his voice and words reach my heart and mind making me feel happy and inspired, in bad days this guy with only singing makes my day better, Taka is the person I admire the most. I am the person I am now because of him and One Ok Rock. Thank you Taka for all! I wish you the best birthday and please continue doing what you are doing because you’re doing a good job.

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what i love about mythbusters is that once they bust a myth they manipulate their variables until something finally explodes bc we all know why you’re really watching this show

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i’m excited :D are you excited? :D i’m even more excited! :D


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more birthday taka…

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and everyone would like to add,



and what does our Celebrant think about this…?



whatever Taka! We love you for who you are! <3

Have another amazing year ahead!!!!

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Today marks the day…

♡ TAKA turned 26 this year. Happy birthday to this person who inspired me in various way. A dear person in my heart though he might never know it. I love you, man!

♤ A year ago, I started TUMBLR on this day. It’s been a blast and wonderful year for me here. I personally thank you every single person I get to know in Tumblr, especially you guys who became my friends even outside Tumblr! I love you all!

♢ My mom who took care of me since I was 10 months old admitted to the hospital. She has cyst in her colon. She’ll be having her operation at 11am soon. Dear Allah, the almighty God. May You take care and ease my mom throughout the operation and may everything goes well.

♧ I’m sorry that I can’t really make a fancy post with pics or gifs since I’m using my phone while waiting with my family in the hospital.